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Asian Cookbooks

Asian Ingredients - Offers a wealth of information on identifying and using the often unfamiliar ingredients in traditional bottled condiments, more than 130 simple recipes for sumptuous Asian specialties.

Complete Book of Sushi - Step-by-step instructions and 60 color photographs show how to make a variety of sushi and sashimi.

Stir-Crazy! - Contains recipes for more than 100 memorable, low-fat, meatless meals that can be prepared in minutes. 50 illustrations.

Big Bowl Noodles and Rice - Vibrant, satisfying one-bowl meals, served with the freshest and most flavorful Asian ingredients.

Filipino Cuisine - A comprehensive presentation is given of all the regional styles of cooking from the island nation of the Philippines.

Oriental Vegetables - Presents a comprehensive volume on Chinese and Japanese vegetables. Over 100 varieties are listed with information on scientific and Oriental names, general background, cultivation requirements, and use in the kitchen, over 50 delicious recipes.

Hot Sour Salty Sweet - A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia, south from China through Laos and Thailand to Cambodia and Vietnam, 175 recipes, provides recipes organized by ingredients, dish types, and topics.

The Food of Asia - More than 300 recipes from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam cover the gamut of Asian cuisine--from spicy satays to fragrant spring rolls. 250 color photos.

A Spoonful of Ginger - Offers dietary advice, herbal home remedies, and lively, un-intimidating Asian recipes for the American home cook

Asian Noodles - Endless array of Asian noodle dishes that have found a very comfortable niche in Western food culture. And for good reason: they're nutritious, inexpensive, and darn tasty.

The Chinese Kitchen - Recipes, Techniques, Ingredients, History, and Memories from America's Leading Authority on Chinese Cooking. 

Authentic Recipes from Vietnam - A tantalizing introduction to Vietnamese cuisine shares more than one hundred recipes for a wide variety of tasty dishes and is lavishly illustrated to demonstrate technique and final product.

Asian Wraps - More than seventy-five delicious recipes for all manners of wrapped Asian delicacies.

Rice - Different recipes to use with rice.

Vietnamese Cooking - Elegant Southeast Asian cuisine. Explains the subtleties of Vietnamese food, how it evolved, and how it differs from that of its neighbors.

The Everything Chinese Cookbook - From Wonton Soup to Sweet and Sour Chicken-300 Succulent Recipes from the Far East.

Japanese Cooking - Excellent cookbook with an absolute wealth of information on ingredients, cooking techniques, background information and presentation.

The Book of Sushi - Sushi cooking and recipes.

Wok Cookbook - Cooking with Woks.

Dok Suni - Korean Recipes - The 70 recipes in this volume include important classic Korean dishes. There are six versions of Kim Chi, the incendiary pickle made from cabbage or other vegetables, garlic, and mounds of red pepper. Bibimbop, a dish of sautéed chopped vegetables served over rice.




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