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Beverages and Coffee

Espresso Makers

Coffee -

Cappuccino Cocktails - A grand coffee lovers cookbook/comprehensive, thorough guide for understanding, preparation and coffee enjoyment- an adventure in coffee culinary creations.

Maxwell House Coffee Drinks & Desserts Cookbook - Cookbook shows coffee lovers how to appease their sweet tooth and satisfy their coffee cravings with more than 160 irresistible dessert and coffee drink recipes.

The Best of Coffee - Shows how to make the perfect cup of cappuccino, cafe au lait, and Turkish coffee, also how to prepare coffee-inspired treats such as espresso flan, mud pie, and more.

Cappuccino/Espresso - Every category of coffee beverage and is great for the beginner, or as a gift for the friend who just bought there first cappuccino/espresso machine. Lots of interesting drinks to try, hot and cold as well as lists and ideas for flavors to go with the drinks.

Tea -

The Totally Tea Time - Wonderfully inventive recipes, easy to make and very flavorful.

20,000 Secrets of Tea - An A-to-Z listing of common ailments and the best teas to treat them offers relief for everything from aching joints to lagging energy, with descriptions of more than one hundred herbs and their healing properties.

Beer -

Great Beer from Kits - Step-by-step techniques for brewing from kits; complete equipment list; complete directions; recipes from around the world.

Homebrew Favorites - Each recipe has been submitted by a particular homebrewer whose name and comments on the resulting potation introduce the list of ingredients and preparation directions.

Cocktails and Wine -

The Book of Cocktails - Shows how to prepare and serve refreshing and imaginative cocktails with flair as it provides over 100 creative international favorites. Full-color illustrations.

Complete Handbook of Winemaking - How to produce consistently outstanding wine at home, simply.

The Complete Book of Mixed Drinks - An informative, entertaining, and detailed guide to mixing more than 1,000 alcoholic and nonalcoholic cocktails.

The El Paso Chile Company Margarita Cookbook - This cookbook brings you a hot 'n' cool collection of Margaritas and other tequila-boosted recipes for every taste and every lively occasion. - Use the Drink Search box to search for drinks by name, use the Recipe Browser to browse drinks by name, ingredient, or theme. Also have some neat collections, such as the Top 100 drinks. Sign up for their Drink of the Week if you want a tasty drink recipe in your email every week. Nice Site!




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