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Food Art: Garnishing Made Easy - Illustrated with over 370 beautiful color photos, step-by-step through the process of creating garnishes that are stunning works of edible art. Follow the straight-forward, systematic instructions and you will produce displays that guests will never forget.

You Too Can Create Stunning Watermelon Carvings - This book has everything you need to create some beautiful works of art. The patterns he includes work with all kinds of events. The instructions are detailed, easy to understand and follow. Great step by step pictures so you can see what you are doing every step of the way.

Garnishes & Breakfasts from Deer Lake Bed and Breakfast - Teaches you how to prepare beautiful flower designs, faces, animal, angels and more all using fruit and other breakfast foods.

Great Garnishes - Advance garnishing book. You can craft masterpieces by following the guidelines/samples in the book.

Working the Plate: The Art of Food Presentation - Step-by-step recipe manual for home cooks interested in making their dishes look as good as they taste. This is no ordinary cookbook; think of it as a compilation of ideas. Ten of the nation's top chefs here introduce eight styles of plating.

How To Garnish: Step-by Step Instructions - DVD - Turn ordinary vegetables, fruits and melons into works of art! This companion DVD to the book "How to Garnish", makes it even easier to learn the fun craft of food garnishing. Step-by-step you'll be shown how to use specialized garnishing tools and create beautiful designs.

Art of Garnishing - Clear instructions on how to create 30 stunning displays of flower designs carved from common vegetables, as well as 22 arrangements for holidays and special occasions.

Book of Garnishes - Techniques for preparing each garnish are shown in step-by-step photos and it describes utensils and cutters to make each creation turn out right.

Gourmet Garnishes: Creative Ways to Dress Up Your Food - This delectable guide to garnishes teaches the home cook how to prepare elegant dishes suitable for entertaining. Think quick, easy, and luscious: these amazing ideas don't involve time-consuming and intricate preparation.

Garnishing : A Feast for Your Eyes - A professional chef shares his secrets for creating exciting, attractive garnishes and food sculptures.

Chinese Garnishes - This book unlocks the secrets of transforming simple fruits, vegetables and various meats into an array of incredible and easily adaptable garnishes. The first section guides the reader in the Chinese art of cutting, slicing, sculpting, and the myriad ways of creating and applying garnishes. The second section features the unique and classic approach based on the Chinese aesthetics of platter arrangements.

The Professional Garde Manger - Describes garnishing and decorating techniques. Contains 600 mouth-watering recipes for buffet dishes including canapes, seafood, meats, vegetables, salads and cold sauces.

The Art of Food Sculpture: Designs & Techniques - This color illustrated guide for the beginning food sculptor explores different carving techniques and offers a broad range of projects simple enough for anyone to accomplish, beautiful enough to astonish any guest.

The Edible Flower Garden - Focuses on plants that not only enhance recipes, but also turn the plate into a painting--a visual as well as gastronomic enterprise.

Party Bites: Easy Recipes for Fingerfood & Party Snacks - A fabulous collection of easy-to-prepare recipes for party food--including dips, tartiets, toasts, skewers, sweet treats, and more. *Includes party menu planners plus clever shortcuts and professional tips on presenting party foods, giving you the know-how you to create maximum impact with minimum effort.

50 Best Stuffings and Dressings - These creative stuffing's, made with bread and cornbread, grains, fruits and vegetables, and meat, will brighten up turkeys and chickens, pork, fish, shellfish, and vegetables.

Ultimate Juicing - 125 great-tasting fruit and vegetable drinks that use the sweet, zesty juices of everything from apples to tomatoes. Fun and easy-to-prepare recipes for the most delectable fruit and vegetable drinks.


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