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The Book of Sandwiches - Whether filling a lunchbox, packing a picnic, planning a party or just looking for something quick and delicious to eat, every sandwich maker will find something tempting in the 100 recipes featured here.

Panini, Bruschetta, Crostini - The world of sandwiches, Italian style. These heavenly bread-based creations include recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, antipasti, party foods, and delicious desserts and indulgences for any time of the day.

Wrap It Up - 100 Fresh, Bold, and Bright Sandwiches With a Twist.

The Sandwich Maker Cookbook - Offers 175 recipes and party ideas for empanadas, egg rolls, omelets, turnovers, and more, plus ideas for "wrappers" that include not only breads, but tortillas, biscuits, puff pastry and egg roll wrappers. 35 illustrations.

Vegetarian Sandwiches - 75 recipes for delicious, healthy hand-held meals that will satisfy both vegetarians and omnivores alike.

Sandwiches - Between the pages of this book, you will find traditional selections like the Club and BLT and you will also find an array of unique variations.

Great Grilled Cheese - Serves up everything from classic (and "almost-classic") grilled cheese sandwiches to quesadillas and sweet grilled cheese options.

Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book - Dozens of sophisticated and unusual ideas for sandwiches that transcend the ordinary.

Wrap It Up - 100 recipes for the hot new culinary scene-stealer, the wrapped sandwich, this lively cookbook is perfect for the busy cook interested in food that's fast, fresh, and fun.





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